Thanksgiving Dinners For Less Fortunate

This year the Covington family (owners of RENN HAUS) and the Hagan family decided to put together complete

Thanksgiving dinners for some disadvantaged families in Sarasota. We contacted Doris of The Foundation That Love Built, a local charity that we have worked with in the past for our Annual Christmas Party for disadvantaged families. Doris came up with 12 families.


We put Kerri-Marie (age 15) and Brett Covington (age 14) along with Stephanie and Michael Hagan (both age 15) in charge of the menu, logistics and the task of raising $100.00. They planned the menu, determined the cost, where we were going to buy the dinners, the logistics of delivering the dinners and raised the $100.00 on two Sunday’s by selling lemonade and pastries to the golfers at the cart path cross-over in our neighborhood.

On the day before Thanksgiving both families delivered the complete fixings for Thanksgiving dinner to the 12 local

families. The menu included a fresh turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, cranberries, butter, a pie, sparkling apple cider and a $50 Publix gift card! All the families were so appreciative at the extent of the dinner offerings and the Publix gift card brought an additional huge smile. In all we provided dinner for 12 families (and a total of 60 people!)


We were all humbled by the experience of delivering these dinners to these deserving families. Kerri-Marie and Brett both spoke of what a wonderful experience it was for them and how they want to do it again next year!

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